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      October, 29 2018 - Rachel
Certified Review
It's very clean and they have a nice selection of products.
My stylist didn't really listen to what I wanted, I had pictures and told her that I wanted bangs that could be side swept and shorter layers. My bangs are now short and pretty much straight across, which I hate and my layers are the same as before. I'm so upset at the outcome I'll have to hide my bangs till they grow out like how I wanted them. I could have done a better job cutting my own hair and saved the money.
Services received :
  • Women's Shampoo, Haircut, & Style 2 with Katelyn
      September, 04 2013 - Anon
Won't be returning I have been to your salon a few times for a cut and color and have been pretty satisfied up until I took my daughter in for a cut and color. I told her that she would be greeted with courtesy and offered a drink, none of which happened. She was looking forward to being pampered for a few hours but that didn't happen. We waited a good 15 minutes past her appointment time and when she was seen she wasn't offered a beverage or anything else for that matter. That was something she was looking forward to, sitting with a glass of pink lemonade while getting her hair done. The stylist said no more than 5 words to her and wasn't really engaged. At the end my daughter wound up with a cut that wasn't done right (she brought in a few pictures to show the stylist). We wound up coming back to get it fixed and was treated as if it was an inconvenience. The stylist firmly asked "now is this right???" and seemed annoyed that we showed back up. We will not be returning due to this experience.
      August, 30 2013 - Anon
Not impressed I'm not sure if we'll be coming back to your salon. I got my hair done there a few times and when it was time for my daughter to get her hair done I took her to your salon. I told her she would be treated kindly with a beverage offered upon arrival followed by a friendly stylist. We waited about 20 minutes past her appointment and when she was seen she wasn't greeted with respect and wasn't offered a beverage. The stylist didn't converse with her and pretty much one worded her. We wound up coming back within an hour after our appointment to get my daughters hair fixed and when we arrived the 2nd time we felt very uncomfortable as if we were an inconvenience. We tipped the stylist at a fair price but we will not be returning.
      March, 20 2013 - Anon
I was not impressed at all. The... I was not impressed at all. The cut was fine, but it was not relaxing at all. I was repeatedly poked with scissors, water was running down my face and the problems continued. The actual cut turned out fine, but the process was not worth the money.
      December, 31 2012 - Anon
The power at the salon went out... The power at the salon went out while I was there. It apparently goes out frequently by comments the staff made. I was going to a Christmas party afterwards, so I was very disappointed that my hair want styled or dryer before leaving. I was even more disappointed that I was charged full price for my services as I walked out in the cold weather with wet hair. My stylist Megan is great, though.
      September, 26 2012 - Anon
High/Low Lite I just got my hair high/low lighted. It is just "okay" I am scared in a couple weeks my roots will already be showing
      July, 10 2012 - Rhoda
Certified Review
Pedacure I called to make an appointment with Meagan (because I saw the nail art she had done). I was told I would have to wait until Saturday 7 July to get an appointment with her. That was more than a week but I agreed to wait. I recieved a confirmation phone message from some one who called me Rhonda, this also happened when I arrived at the Spa. (Pay attention to detail.) I was told when I arrived that Jackie would be doing my pedacure. The receptionist did not know who I had the original appointment with. When Jackied came to get me at 1500, not 1445 she told me she did not do nail art, infact there was only one person in the Spa who did. While Jackie did an OK pedacure, I did not get what I expected from your Spa. v/r, Rhoda Risner
Services received :
  • Spa Pedicure 2 with Jackie

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