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      October, 20 2018 - Joshua
Certified Review
Haircut was horrible. The sides weren't blended and the bangs weren't cut even. I had to spend an extra $15 elsewhere to get it fixed. Eyebrow wax was great, however. Only way I'd ever come back is if I was refunded the price of a males haircut. Either in store credit or back on my debit card.
Services received :
  • Men's Haircut 2 with Katelyn
  • Brow Wax with Katelyn
      October, 10 2017 - Anna
Certified Review
Love hair days!
Services received :
  • Women's Dry Haircut 3 with Megan
      April, 02 2017 - Glenna
Certified Review
Love to go in and have Ashley experiment with new color or style. Never been dissapointed.
Services received :
  • Complimentary Trim with Ashley
      January, 18 2017 - Trista
Certified Review
I have been here around 5-6 times a year for the last 12 years and this was by far the worst experience. The girl was obviously rushing and didn't want to do half the things your supposed to. Not one product was used on my hair. She didn't want to wash or dry it. Went straight to straightening and cutting. The cut is good but I could have got the cut anywhere. I go here for the extra care and "me" time. I usually can enjoy my fresh haircut for a few days before washing it but I get to enjoy it for about 2 hours tonight. Very very disappointed in the lady that cut my hair. Will not take the chance of calling in and making an appointment with just anyone available. Hopefully the standard of how it used to be will not be going away.
Services received :
  • Women's Dry Haircut 2 with Katelyn
      November, 09 2012 - Deidre
Certified Review
I got a shampoo, cut and style. I indicated I wanted "sweep over bangs"...didnt get that. I said I wanted my hair straightened..like I normally do..didnt get that either....They stylist did you own style..it was cute...but not what I wanted. I wont be coming back.
Services received :
  • Signature Haircut with Cynthia
  • 15 Minute Cut with Katy
      July, 05 2012 - Seth
Fast Cheap Job My daughter and I went for the first time and my stylist was in a hurry and did not style my hair nor satisfy my expectation. My 6 yr old's hair is uneven and was cut wet when it should have been dried. The worst overall part was the chop shop jobon her nails when I was not in the room to see. She obviously did not care about how the nails looked, since it was for a kid. There were big spots missing on the nails and was still charged $17 for a five minute kid nail polish job. I will not go back and will not recommend this salon.
      April, 10 2012 - Anon
Unhappy with my cut I tried to explain to my hair dresser that I didn't want more layers, I'm trying to grow out my hair. My hair is thin to begin with, so I don't need more layers to make it appear thin. She totally ignored my request and gave me MORE layers, not less.
      February, 05 2012 - Rhonda
Certified Review
Massage with Melody This was the worst massage I have ever had. My twelve year old granddaughter could have done a better job. Melody gave the massage and she needs some pointers from Heather. I will come back, but never to her again. She really needs some help. Sorry but this is how I really feel about it. I do hope you wanted the truth and not sugar coat it.
Services received :
  • 60 Min Massage with Melanie
      July, 01 2011 - Lu
Certified Review
Manicure/Pedicure The greeting when we arrived was wonderful, making us feel welcomed and relaxed. The pedicure itself was also a good experience with the exception that my daughters foot was cut during the process. Her toe polish turned out really well and she was happy. My toe polish was pretty sloppy and I could have done better myself. My attendant was in a hurry to get home (at least that's the way I felt). My daughter's manicure was done well and she was satisfied, but during my manicure the attendant was filing my polish off and broke one of my fingernails (it took me two months to grow them!) She was just gonna cut that one and then finish the manicure, but I asked to have the rest of my nails cut the same length as the one that she broke. So she did...however my french manicure does not look good as you can still see the blue nail polish from my older manicure thru the french manicure...I'm not happy.
Services received :
  • Spa Pedicure 2 with Ashley
  • Express Manicure with Megan
  • French Polish Shellac & Gelish with Christina
  • Spa Pedicure 2 with Christina
  • Gelish Full Set with Christina
      February, 10 2011 - Jessica
Certified Review
Finally some relaxation :) Everyone is very nice, the atmosphere is very welcoming and zin like. It was exactly what I needed being a full time mom of two young boys. I would highly recommend this salon and spa to all my friends and family.
Services received :
  • Special Wrap Perm & Cut with Ashley

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